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Here is a list of my learning related publications. The list is kept up to date (current as of June 2018), and includes links to the original documents where possible. If you can’t access a paper or book chapter (due to publishers restrictions), please get in touch by emailing me ( and I will identify a version I am permitted to share. GCU has established a research repository, which will, in time, make Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) versions of the thirteen restricted access publications publicly available. I will link to these as they appear (eight so far, five to go), but please download the publisher’s version if possible.

You can also see my profiles at Google Scholar, figshare, ResearchGate,, ORCID, Zotero, ImpactStory and Mendeley.

Peer-reviewed Journal Publications

learning related publications prior to joining GCU

Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers and Abstracts

learning related conference papers prior to joining GCU

  • Milligan, C., Beauvoir, P., Johnson, M.W., Sharples, P., Wilson, S.B., & Liber, O. (2006) Developing a Reference Model to describe the Personal Learning Environment, LNCS 4227, 506-511. Proceedings of the First European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning, Heraklion, 2006
  • Wilson, S.W., Liber, O., Beauvoir, P., Milligan, C., Johnson, M.W., & Sharples, P., (2006) Personal Learning Environments: Challenging the dominant design of educational systems. Paper presented at: Joint International Workshop on Professional Learning, Competence Development and Knowledge Management (LOKMOL and L3NCD) Heraklion October 2006.
  • Johnson, M.W., Liber, O., Wilson, S., Sharples, P, Milligan, C., & Beauvoir, P., (2006) Mapping the Future: The personal learning environment reference model and emerging technology In Whitelock, D. & Wheeler, S. (Eds). The next generation. Research Proceedings of the 13th Association for Learning Technology Conference (ALT-C 2006). pp182-191 Held 5–7 September 2006, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK.
  • Whitton, N., Milligan, C., & Thomas, R.C., (2005) Development of learning community in a flexible web-based course. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, Manchester, 6-8 September 2005.
  • Milligan, C., Beauvoir, P., & Sharples, P., (2005) The Reload Learning Design Tools. in R. Koper, C. Tattersall & D. Burgos (Eds.) Current Research on Learning Design, Proceedings of the UNFOLD-PROLEARN Joint workshop, Valkenburg, NL, September 22-23, 2005 pp317-323.
  • Thomas, R. C., Ashton, H.S., Austin, W.J., Beevers, C.E., Edwards, D., & Milligan, C. (2005) Cost Effective use of Simulations in Assessment, Proceedings of the Ninth International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference (pp. 419-430). Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Loughborough University.
  • Thomas, R., Milligan, C., & John, P. (2005) Science is not a spectator sport. CAL ’05 Computer Assisted Learning Conference, Bristol, UK
  • Thomas, R., Ashton, H., Austin, B., Beevers, C., Edwards, D., & Milligan, C. (2004). Assessing Higher Order Skills using Simulations. Proceedings of Eighth International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference (pp417-427), Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Loughborough University.
  • Milligan, C. & Thomas, R.C. (2003) Empowering the Teacher with Tools to Produce Engaging Content Interactive Content in Education conference, Imperial College, London, 2003
  • Milligan, C. & Thomas, R.C. (2003) Tools Not Content Empower the Teacher And Learner Shock of the Old 3: Beginning for the Disciplines conference, Oxford, 2003
  • Thomas, R. C., & Milligan, C. (2003). Online assessment of practical experiments. Proceedings of the Seventh International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference (pp. 421–430). Leicestershire, United Kingdom, Loughborough University.
  • Milligan, C., Rist, R., Thomas, R. (2001) Promoting effective Learning through interactive technologies. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of the Association for Learning Technology, Edinburgh, 11-13 September 2001.

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