Where I plan to be during EARLI 2011

Following on from Anoush’s post summarising her chosen sessions at EARLI this year, I thought I would do the same. This is where I provisionally plan to be over the next 5 days.

Tuesday August 30
1030-1100 Opening Session, Peter Chalk Centre, Newman A
1100-1230 A7 Motivational, Social and Affective Processes, Queens Seminar Room F
1330-1500 B16 Training of Young Researchers, Peter Chalk Centre Newman C
1530-1700 C5 Metacognition, Queen’s, Seminar Room D

Wednesday August 31
0900-1030 D5, Differing Perspectives on Understanding Learning in the Workplace. Queen’s, Seminar Room B
1100-1230 Session E, undecided
1330-1500 F18 Training of Young Researchers, Streatham Court, LT B (this session includes a paper presented by my PhD student Elena).
1530-1700 Keynote, Anders Ericsson, Queen’s, LT2
1700-1830 either G4 Motivation, Queen’s, Seminar E or G16 Goal Orientation, Peter Chalk Centre, Newman B

Thursday September 1
0900-1030 H10, Challenges of Developing Academic Futures … Streatham Court LT D
1100-1230 I14 where Anoush, Allison and I will be participating in a roundtable discussion with our paper ‘Typology of Informal Workplace Learning‘. Queen’s, Seminar E.
1330-1500 J14, The Relational Dimension of Collaborative Learning, Streatham Court, LTB

Friday September 2
0900-1030 K4 Methodological Perspectives on Researching Learning with ICT, Queen’s Seminar B
1100-1230 Session L, undecided
1330-1500 M13 Professional Development, Newman D – though I would have liked to have gone to Dane’s session (M12)
1530-1700 Keynote, Mien Segers, Newman A

Saturday September 3
0900-1030  N3 Online Collaborative Learning in Higher Education, Streatham Court LTB


Author: Colin Milligan

Learning researcher based at Glasgow Caledonian University, and living in beautiful West Stirlingshire.

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