Another C

In our work on Charting, we have tinkered with the naming and definition of the different activities which an individual learner engages in as they interact with their personal learning network/the collective to learn. For a while now we have been settled on four C’s: Consume, Connect Create and Contribute. These activities map to other groups of terms that various authors have put forward.

Recently I  have come across two instances of another ‘C’ which has caught my eye. First, a post about new functionality in tumblr, an activity stream tool, then this morning, a post by Dave Cormier on ePortfolios. Both of them pick up on the idea of  ‘Curation’. I like this term and think it relates closely to our ‘contribute’ which we conceptualise as the things an individual consumes or creates which they actively share (as opposed to collect publicly around them in delicious etc).  I don’t plan to change our 4 C’s but I wish I’d considered ‘curate’ at the time.

UPDATE: Curate is certainly the word of the day, now I find another post in my stream from John Tropea which also talks about curation.

Author: Colin Milligan

Learning researcher based at Glasgow Caledonian University, and living in beautiful West Stirlingshire.

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